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President Trump has directed the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to continue to suspend loan payments, stop collections, and waive interest on ED-owned student loans through December 31, 2020. You do not need to take action if your loans are owned by ED. Visit for updates.

Student Loan Relief Tips

Follow these student loan relief steps:

  1. Never pay a third party company to handle your student loans.
  2. Call your student loan providers, do not ignore them.
  3. If you are behind, request them to mail or email you the Income Driven Repayment Plan application.
  4. Fill the application out and select which IDR plan you wish to enroll in; select the IBR plan or Pay As You Earn.
  5. Wait 2-3 weeks for the student loan providers to enroll you in the IDR plan.
  6. Call the student loan providers if you do not receive the documentation regarding your monthly payment arrangement.
  7. If you are in default, call your student loan provider to enroll in the Student Loan Rehab Program.
  8. If you want to start and complete the IDR application online, visit
  9. Search for repayment plans on
  10. Fill out IDR application and import your tax documents directly from the IRS.


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A credit repair company will help identify errors on your credit report, provide score optimization guidance, and manage the dispute process. But there is more than meets the eye.

Credit repair is a step-by-step process. The credit bureaus are allowed a month to complete disputes, and many of the credit score tips we offer take time to work, but there is good news too. Also, it depends on the type, amount, and the creditors that own the debts on your credit report.

  • Provide the client with a complete credit analysis via email ( reviewing their credit reports to help identify potential inaccurate, outdated or unverifiable information).
  • Develop a personalized strategy to address and resolve client’s past credit issues to assist them with maintaining a positive credit profile.
  • Negative items deleted from the credit bureau reports (Experian, Transunion, Equifax) within 90 days. Items that aren’t deleted will continue to be disputed against for 12 months.
  • There is a monthly filing fee if the client(s) are enrolled in a monthly payment plan.
  • Client will be advised of credit profile building strategies.
  • Tradelines are added at an additional fee.

What you need to know about our testimonials

Testimonials represent the results of the particular individual and you should not expect the same result because your case is different than everyone else’s. promises only to communicate with creditors on your behalf and in your name, verify report changes with bureaus, and provide you timely information about changes in your reports. Any credit score improvement seen after using our services is the result of many other additional factors, including: keeping credit balances low, paying bills on time, reducing or eliminating unnecessary inquiries, and developing appropriate types of credit, and sound financial planning.